High School Athletes! Are you being recruited?

Many high school athletes dream of continuing their sport in college.  Most never get a chance for a variety of reasons.  If you have the skill to play in college there IS a college out there where you can play and get scholarship money.  As an Area Scout for National Scouting Report I talk to college coaches across the country looking to fill their rosters with qualified student athletes.  If you want to play in college, here are a few key things you must have:

  1. A burning desire to play your sport in college
  2. Good Grades!  Coaches do not want to worry about whether they can keep you in school.  Additionally, if you have good grades you can get a combination of academic and athletic money and possibly get all your tuition paid for
  3. No geographic restrictions.  The more places you are willing to enroll, the more options you will have athletically.

Biggest myth high school athletes and their parents believe is that if they are good enough they will be found by colleges.  Not true.  The number one factor you must know…”If you are not TALKING to college coaches then you are not being recruited”  Bottom line.  Questionnaires are great but did you know that in 2011 after they won the 2010 BCS Football title Auburn sent out 3400 questionnaires.  They could only sign 25 players.  You do the math!

You can play in college.  You have to be scouted and have the right plan in place!  Don’t delay, do it now!

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