Great Movie Lines! Part 3

Remember the scene from The Dark Knight Rises when Batman gets the Catwoman to take him to Bane?  Catwoman cautions him “Be careful, Bane’s men aren’t your average brawlers!” Batman responds “Neither am I”.  What’s the lesson here?  There’s an old saying..”Discretion is the better part of valor”. Sometimes even though we think we’ve got all the angles covered it’s better to stand down and rethink the situation.  Batman was so confident of his abilities that he didn’t stop to think that there might be an adversary out there that could be his match.  We’re like that sometimes.  We rush into situations, full of confidence without thinking through all the angles.  Confidence is great, it’s the mark of champions, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes we need to sprinkle it with a little judgement.  Young athletes often make this mistake.  They put themselves into situations that are risky because they’re sure they can handle it when often they find out that their “adversaries” were not your average brawlers.

Good judgement is a virtue.  Develop it, grow it, mature it.  Then sprinkle it with your confidence born from championship timber and you’ll be hard to beat..NO MATTER WHO THE ADVERSARY!!

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