Great Movie Lines! Part 4

“Time passes us all by”..”Especially if you”re standing still”

In Rocky 6 Rocky tells his son he wants to fight again.  His son passes it off as an old man trying to re-capture some moment of glory from his past.  He tells his dad not to worry that whatever he is going through will pass.  He says “Time passes us all by”.  Rocky utters a great line..”Especially if you are standing still”

This is a bit of hidden advice we miss.  We all want to achieve.  Make the team, start, open a business, get better grades, have a better relationship, change the world.  The problem is that the world is like a bucket of crawdads.  Whenever one tries to climb out of the bucket the others pull him back down.  When you have a goal, something you want to accomplish the world will try to pull you down..”You’re too slow, not big enough, not enough education, you are what you are-can’t change, not enough money, too much or to little of SOMETHING”  Never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams.  No one can dictate to you what you can achieve because most of the world doesn’t have the heart or guts to get it done.  Now a caveat to this is that what you want to achieve must be for good!  Right and wrong is the filter through which all your desires must pass through.

Have a dream?  Then go after it because time will pass you by—ESPECIALLY IF YOU”RE STANDING STILL!

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