Great Movie Lines-Skyfall

This was a great exchange between Bond and his new quartermaster, Q. There are many life lessons to be learned from this scene. Youth, while energetic and innovative, is not always preferable to age and it’s resourcefulness and experience. Technology and innovation is not always preferable to hands-on and personal interaction. I want to focus on the latter while endorsing the former 😉.

We live in a world of Twitter, Facebook, smart phones, tablets, you tube, Internet, etc, etc. It’s easy to send a text, post a tweet or a message, watch a video, send an email. While this has made our lives better, more efficient, faster and reliable it will never take the place of personal interaction. People need people. When we are suffering, have lost our way, need advice or direction all the texts, tweets, and videos won’t help. We need someone to take the time and talk to us, help us through it! Don’t ever think that someone doesn’t want to hear from you. Pick up the phone and call them, have a meal together, TALK! You will never know the immense impact that a word of encouragement or a hand written note will have on a person. It may be the very thing they needed that day to get them through it and help them turn the corner.

To paraphrase the clip..”Every once in a while a text has to be sent” “Or not sent. It’s hard to know the difference when you’re buried in your smartphone”

Encourage someone TODAY!

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