As we await the Super Bowl in 4 days I am presenting my analysis of each team’s OFF and DEF units.  I will give a prediction on Saturday night.  (Sidebar: I am sticking with the Roman Numeral system for Super Bowls.  This is SB L, not SB 50 as the NFL would have us believe! 😄)

Today: Panther Defense

The Panther defense is as good as they come.  The strength is the front 7.  Carolina is able to get pressure on the QB with their front four thereby allowing the LBs to drop into coverage.  They will blitz occasionally but when they want to and not because they have to.  They have the best LB in the game today in #59 Luke Kiechly. He can stop the run, cover backs and TEs out of the backfield and he is smart.  His first step quickness is outstanding.  Thomas Davis Sr. #58 is no slouch either. Equally adept at stopping the run he is more of a thumper than Kiechly but he can cover as well.  He also is an inspiration having come back from 3 ACL surgeries on the same knee!!  He will also be playing the SB with a broken arm.  A real throwback!

If you want to take advantage of the Panthers it has to be the deep ball.  Their secondary is suspect with the exception of Josh Norman. Teams have had success throwing it deep but the Panthers get ahead quickly and when you are throwing deep because you have to then the Panthers can make you pay.  If you can protect your QB, run it somewhat effectively early, you can take some shots downfield and possibly have success.

Next up: The Bronco defense

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