Today the Bronco Defense:

The Bronco defense is, statistically, the best in the NFL.  Anyone who watched the AFC Championship game saw the unrelenting beating they inflicted on pretty boy Tom Brady.  The strength of this defense is their front 4 and OLB’s. The pass rush they generate is unrelenting on any pocket QB.  The secondary is strong as well.  The plan they instituted to beat NE required sticky coverage on the Patriot WR’s while the pass rush had time to get to Brady.  Mission accomplished!!

The LB core, while good, does not strike fear into the hearts of any offense.  They can stop the run with  above average efficiency however.  In Super Bowl L the Bronco defense is not facing a ” statue” QB like Brady.  Cam Newton’s success is predicated on pocket passing as he has done extremely well this season.  However, the threat of the read option and Newton keeping the ball on the run is very real.  If the Broncos rush Newton unrelentingly then they will be susceptible to his tucking it and running.

The way to attack this defense is to run the football between the tackles enough to get the LB’s to honor the play action pass.  Then dump it over the middle.  Take a few shots deep if for nothing else to get the extra safety out of the box.  Then keep running it.  A key matchup to look for is will the Bronco’s two safeties be healthy?  Both went down in the AFC Championship with injuries.  If they can’t go, it could be a long night for Denver!

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