Today: The Panther Offense

Carolina has employed a very deceptive offense in 2015.  I say deceptive because they lead the league in points scored and rushing but if you look at their pieces you would be left scratching your head.  Their receiving core is unimpressive and they don’t WOW you with anything. What they do have is the MVP of the league in one Cam Newton. Newton has hit his stride this season. He has become a very efficient pocket passer while also continuing his role as a punishing runner.  Newton is not like RG3 or Colin Kaepernick in that he can run, but he can also sit in the pocket and pick you apart with laser like, precision passes.  Most of them go to his TE Olsen. You need to also be aware of Ted Ginn, Jr.

Their offensive line is solid and they open gaping holes for the RBs.  Jonathan Stewart is a slasher but can also run it between the tackles with power and force.  Carolina wants to run first and then throw.  You have to be able to stop the run.  If you can slow it down, Newton will then run the read option.  This requires the DEs and LBs to play with patience, technique and efficiency. If you commit to early to the back, Newton will keep it and gash you.  If you’re lucky enough to slow this down, then Newton will take to the air.  This is when you can have success against Carolina-force them to throw when they don’t want to. A lot of 3rd and longs signal success for the defense.  Atlanta was able to accomplish this in handing the Panthers their only loss of 2015.

Carolina has a very physical, grind it out offense that tends to wear a defense down.  A worn down defense makes mistakes and that’s when the Panthers hit you with the big play.  Denver must stop the run to have any success in SB L.

Next up: The Bronco offense

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