Today the Bronco offense! (And my prediction)

This definitely is not your father’s Peyton Manning led offense!  Two years ago in Super Bowl XLVIII Manning was the gun slinger-throwing it deep down field all season, setting passing records and running out of the shotgun.  Neck surgery implications, plantar fasciitis and other ailments that a 40 year old football player endures have relegated Manning to, dare I say it, a game manager.  Denver relies on their running game, a viscious defense and surgical passing strikes to catapult them to the big game.  Consider just a couple months ago Manning was benched after throwing 4 interceptions in favor of Brock Osweiler.

Regardless, no QB in the game today-maybe ever is as cerebral as Manning and understands what defenses are trying to do to him.  Manning will get the Broncos into the correct play based on what the defense is trying to do. The question then becomes can they execute.  Denver receivers have dropped a lot of passes in the past 2 weeks and Manning has overthrown a few wide open receivers but I think considering this is Super Bowl L and that it might be 18’s last game ever look for a performance for the ages from the Bronocs.  Carolina likes to play zone. The Bronco receivers will have opportunities but they must find the holes in the zone. They will run it, run it, and then run it some more. If the run is successful, Carolina will have to drop 8 into the box and play man. That’s when the Broncos have to beat the one-on-one coverage.   Manning will take advantage of 7 in the box with runs and when Carolina shows blitz or drops the extra safety down he will check to the pass.  The key is can Carolina disguise their intentions long enough to fool him.

Look for a lot of edge passes and short routes. Denver will take their shots deep but the Panther LBs are too good to make a living with passes over the middle.  Denver will try to shorten the game by running and thereby keep Cam Newton and the powerful Carolina offense off the field (I made a living off of that strategy in the Madden NFL video game! 😄)

This will be a very competitive game.  A Super Bowl worthy of it’s number (L).

My prediction:  Denver 20-16

Enjoy the offseason!  When will it be August???!!! 😢

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