Are you the Lion or the Jackal?

In the 2002 movie “Pool Hall Junkies” Christopher Walken tells his protege “Every once in awhile the Lion has to show the Jackals who he is”

Great advice! In life as you begin to make some headway and achieve some success your detractors and challengers will seize any opportunity they can to discredit you or steal your momentum and success. The challenge for you is how you react. You can pull back, cower in your domain and they will continue to nip at you and become bolder and bolder until they crush you!  Life is like a bucket of craw dads. As soon as one begins to climb out the others drag him back down into the bucket.

When you are tired of the jackals nipping at you rise up, like the King of the Jungle and re-establish your domain. Show them the Lion inside!  Never give up OR give in!

Good Hunting!

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