Farragut State Champions

My sincere congratulations to Coach Eddie Courtney and the Farragut Admirals on their 2016 Class 5A State Championship!!

I have the utmost respect for Coach Courtney. He is a great coach and even better man. Spent many hours talking football with him during our Press Box Saturday visits. He has faced life’s adversities with courage and beat them back with hard work and a positive attitude-and always with a smile and a kind word. No better coach in this great state.

He was never too busy to speak with me in those very early days of Press Box. He was extremely gracious when I would go over to his side after Maryville had eliminated them in 2009 and 2010.

His players-past, present and future should consider themselves very fortunate to have played for him!!

God Bless you coach and enjoy that Gold Ball! You earned it and deserve it!!


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