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Nathan Miranda is an artist based out of Pasadena, CA who specializes in art utilizing primarily colored pencils on acid-free drawing paper.  His love for artwork started at a very young age as he began drawing his favorite athletes at his desk in his family’s bonus room.  Today, Nathan’s portfolio has expanded to include a variety of athletic and motion picture themed works inspired by his passion for sports and movies.  This is highlighted by Nathan’s original artwork of Yankees legend Derek Jeter entitled The Captain (2013) which was chosen for display at the 2014 Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance Exhibition at the Knoxville Art Emporium in Tennessee.  In 2016, Nathan decided to make his art available to the public by creating Bonus Room Art, LLC, an art company that sells professional quality Giclée art prints as well as collections.  Now you have the opportunity to obtain your very own print by visiting the Bonus Room Art store.  Also, visit his contact page to inquire about artwork commissions. 

Go to or click the logo at the bottom of my site!!  Enjoy!!

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