One Life to Live!

In the recently released movie “Jumanjii” the Dr. Bravestone character utters a profound statement towards the end of the movie.  He says “It’s easy to be brave when you have more than one life, it’s a lot more difficult when you only have one life left”

Wow!  How true that is.  Now we all know that we only have one life to live but the lesson here is very applicable because therein lies the point. Since we only have this one life we need to approach it and live it with all the bravery we can muster.  Too many people navigate life trying to avoid failure, mistakes, adversity, pain, or anything else that can make us uncomfortable.  We get to the end and we start to question if we really made a difference.  Did we accomplish anything in life? It takes real bravery to navigate life with no blinders and attack it head on.

The real measure of success in a life well lived is not the end result as much as it is the journey.  A life well lived is measured by the chances we take, the willingness with which we approach tough choices and our compassion for our fellow man.  The end result of our age, health, size of our bank account really means nothing when compared to the journey along the way.

So take that class, start that business, begin that work out program, take that trip, help that neighbor, play ball with your children, tell your wife/husband you love them, say that prayer…..

Yes, it is tough to be brave when you only have one life to live but oh how much more satisfying that life will be when we are!!!


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