Random Musings on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving

College and Pro Football are approaching the finish line and as I listen to all the talking heads out there I am wondering these things:

-Why are the NY Giants so bad?  You have real talent on offense but the QB has gotten to a point where he is gun shy and afraid to take a hit.  The defense is terrible and can’t stop the run.  Fix it.  Look at the young QB on the roster and decide if he is any good.  If not, draft one.  Why can’t the Giants compete year in and year out like NE, PITT, New Orleans, Green Bay, etc.

-The media needs to give it a rest on their hatred of Notre Dame.  The Irish are 12-0 and WILL be in the College Football Playoffs.  Tired of hearing how they don’t have to play in a conference, schedule is weak, blah, blah.  Their schedule is among the toughest in the country and guess what?  They don’t have to play in a conference.  They make a gazillion dollars from their NBC contract.  Oh, you don’t like that either?  Deal with it.  ND is the only team with enough of a following to command a national network so stop the hatred and do your job-Be Objective!

-What is it with Ohio State?  They can lose, look bad, have players get in trouble. have their coach lie but they are the media darlings?  Play somebody and then will talk

-Hey ESPN, how about shelving all the social agenda stuff and get back to sports!  Like you used to.  Your acronym stands for Entertainment and Sports Network not the Equality and Social Injustice Network.  I don’t need your opinion, I watch for the sports and the results-that’s it

-Let’s bring some defense back to the NFL.  A 54-51 game might sell a lot of tickets but it does nothing for the purity of how the game is played.  With all the rules that favor the offense today I could play QB in the NFL and I’m 61!  (Well, maybe not) 🙂

Until next time, The Old Linebacker signing out and wishing for a 14-6 NFL game

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