Presenting QA Talks Podcast

QA Talks is a podcast dedicated to the emerging technology and innovation happening in industries such as banking, airlines, insurance, and retail. Quality Assurance is a key component of the digital transformation sweeping our world.  Companies are increasingly leaning on Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering to seamlessly implement their unique digital transformation plans. However, digital transformation can often seem like a massive tower impossible to scale.

In this podcast, you’ll hear from executives who are heavily involved in quality assurance. They’ll share the unique challenges they face and some of the most important pitfalls they’re discovering, so you can avoid them.

Episodes will feature topics such as: software testing, quality assurance, quality engineering, digital assurance, digital testing, digital transformation, QA transformation, agile testing, DevOps, DevTestOps, enterprise quality assurance strategy, enterprise QA strategy, and more.

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