Giants Mid-Season Report

The New York Giants are 2-6 halfway through the 2019 season. It has been a rollercoaster ride for sure if you are a Giants fan!

New York has found their QB of the future I believe. Daniel Jones has performed admirably for a rookie with stellar moments and the occasional rookie mistake. He will be fine. They have some weapons on offense and the OL is improving.

For 2020: Need a game-breaking WR and a couple more O Lineman

Defensively the Giants have struggled mightily. They need help virtually everywhere. Their DL is strong, but needs to step up their play against the run. The Giants lack a consistent pass rush and lock down coverage in the secondary. They haven’t had quality LB’s since the late 90’s

For 2020: LB, Edge Rusher, CB

They need a quality edge pass rusher, a top LB draft choice and a lock down corner.

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